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​ Growing up, Preston Sweeney always admired his

cowboy heroes at the Saturday matinees and

dreamed  of being one himself, a dream that has

remained  with him throughout his life. In the

beginning of 2008, Preston along with his son Jeff

decided to combine his dream of being a cowboy

with their desire to help young boys in need. In

October 2008 that dream became a reality with

the purchase 179 acres in Normandy,  Tennessee.

Work began the day after closing, and  in only eight

short months  the  property took on the look of a

working ranch. The property is now home to a

Director’s house, horse barn, mechanical shop, corral, meeting hall with offices, and four of six residential homes. The boys attend a local public school and have the opportunity to participate in many of the school’s extracurricular activities. During the school year, academics are a priority, however the boys also have responsibilities in helping maintain and care for the ranch. The boys acquire a variety of skills including horsemanship, herd management, ranch care and maintenance, and routine house maintenance to name a few. The boys learn there is a time for work and a time for play. Along with a 4 acre lake, there are three fishing ponds for recreational activities with the boys. The beautiful Duck River also borders three sides of the property allowing access to fly fishing, canoeing, camping and picnicking along the water. As the ranch has grown, more amenities have been added such as a basketball court, sand volleyball pit and softball field. As many as six boys live in each of the ranch’s comfortable homes with a dedicated Christian couple serving as mom and dad. These parents are committed to providing each boy with the unconditional love, structure, discipline and overall direction that every child needs. However, we realize that it is God's power and not our labor alone that will make Arrowhead Ranch a place where lives are changed. It is our prayer that no child will leave us without experiencing the love of Jesus Christ. We hope to encourage them in developing a relationship with God through the example of our staff, daily house devotional time and regular involvement in local churches. We want each young man to understand God's willingness to extend grace and heal the brokenness in our lives.




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