We know that making a choice to place your child at Arrowhead Ranch may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever experience. We understand the impact of this decision on the entire family. Together we will explore and determine if Arrowhead Ranch might be an appropriate "fit" for your child and your family.





​ ​  Children eligible for this level of residential care are basically in good health and may require medical attention for routine health problems. Children will typically have their behavior under control and do not require extraordinary, highly skilled adult supervision. Daily counseling or therapy is not required at this level, but may be made available as needed through the Ranch or an external resource. ​

 Children may have been abused or neglected, exploited, or exhibit mild delinquent behavior, and subsequently, need an individualized plan and social worker within a family setting. These children may exhibit behavioral and/or emotional problems ranging from acting out to withdrawal. ​ ​


   Educational services will be provided through the public school system and may include special education, as well as supportive resources such as tutors. Counseling and therapy are provided for each resident at the ranch.


Ineligible Residents:    Arrowhead Ranch does not accept residents who are unable to attend public school, severely mentally challenged, actively psychotic, homicidal, suicidal or severely physically handicapped.



If you are interested in having your son enrolled at Arrowhead Ranch, the process is as follows:


1. First read about Eligibility

2. Download and Fill out Application

3. Fax, Mail or Email to Us for Review

4. Interview

5. Weekend Visit

6. Acceptance Letter

7. Set move-in date


*Allow 2-4 weeks for paperwork turn around. ​

                                Contact Intake Supervisor at 931-857-4000

How to Apply

At the end of the Application there is a "checklist" to help you make sure you put together the correct documents.



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